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Training Course Acrobat

Computer training Adobe Acrobat in English, French or Dutch

Acrobat Professional Training

Accessing PDF Documents
Open PDF Documents
Explore the Adobe Acrobat X Pro Interface
Browse through PDF Documents

Creating PDF Documents
Create PDF Documents from a File
Create a PDF Document Using the Print Command
Create a PDF Document from Web Pages
Create a PDF Document Using Email Applications
Create a PDF Document Using Acrobat

Navigating to a Specific Content in a PDF Document
Perform a Search
Manage Bookmarks
Work with Links

Updating PDF Documents
Manipulate PDF Document Pages
Edit Content in a PDF Document
Add Page Elements
Extract Content from a PDF Document

Working with Multiple PDF Documents
Control Access to Multiple PDF Documents
Search Multiple PDF Documents

Reviewing PDF Documents
Initiate a Review
Review a PDF Document
Compare PDF Documents

Validating PDF Documents
Sign a PDF Document Digitally
Verify a Digital ID

Converting PDF Files
Optimize PDF Files
Convert PDF Files to Other Formats

Creating PDFs from Technical Documents
Create PDF Documents Using Autodesk AutoCAD
Measure Technical Drawings
Enhancing PDF Documents

Embed Multimedia
Enhance PDF Document Accessibility

Creating Interactive PDF Forms in Adobe LiveCycle Designer
Create a PDF Form
Add Form Fields
Create Calculations
Submit a Form
Track Forms
Compile Returned Forms
Organize Compiled Data

Preparing PDF Files for Commercial Printing
Examine the Commercial Printing Process
Create PDF Files for Prepress
Apply Color Management Settings
Modify Adobe PDF Settings for Prepress
Preview Printed Effects

Finalizing PDF Files for Commercial Printing
Preflight Documents
Create PDF/X, PDF/A, and PDF/E Compliant Files
Create a Composite
Create Color Separations

LiveCycle Designer training

Understanding form development
Understanding forms in Adobe LiveCycle Designer
Understanding Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader
Adding and configuring interactive form objects
Previewing interactive form objects
Controlling tab order, presence, and accessibility
Creating and using tables
Organizing forms using subforms/naming
Using master pages
Submitting interactive data using email

Controlling user input and data display
Formatting and validating user input
Setting and using locale information
Applying display and edit patterns
Applying validation patterns

Scripting form interactions
Adding business logic with scripts
Creating conditional form interactions
Validating user input using scripts
Sharing data and controlling focus
Creating scripts using calculations

Working with flowed layout
Understanding subforms in dynamic forms
Using expanding tables in dynamic forms
Flowing tables over multiple pages

Creating shared and reusable form content
Creating and using custom objects
Creating and using form fragments
Creating and using script fragments
Creating and using conditional fragments
Creating and organizing form templates

Importing Existing Forms
Re-using PDF forms in Designer
Re-using Microsoft Word™ forms in Designer

Defining XML relationships within a form
Designing forms using data connections
Using XML schema to create a form
Working with data bindings in a form
Binding tables to repeating data
Binding subforms to repeating data
Using web services within a form

Working with barcode data
Using paper forms barcode objects
Managing barcode data capacity

Using digital signatures
Understanding digital signatures in forms
Verifying forms using digital signatures
Verifying field collections using digital signatures

Advanced scripting in PDF forms
Introducing the document object models and API
Working with script objects
Implementing custom, multi-field validation
Create data drill-down behaviors
Introspecting forms to implement type specific behaviors


Acrobat Training

An Overview of Adobe Acrobat 7
1. Converting Documents to PDFs
2. Recognizing Text & Straightening Images
3. Rotating an Image
4. Using the Organizer
5. Creating a PDF from Multiple Files
6. Using Bookmarks
7. Using the Pencil & Text Box Tools
8. Cleaning Up a Scan
9. Reordering Pages
10. Securing & Emailing a PDF

The Adobe Acrobat Interface
1. Setting Preferences
2. Customizing Toolbars
3. Managing Navigation Tabs
4. Navigating a Document
5. Working Efficiently
6. Using the Organizer

Creating Adobe PDF Files
1. Acrobat PDF Maker Conversion Settings
2. Acrobat PDF Maker Application Settings
3. PDF Security, Microsoft Word & Bookmarks
4. Examining Your New PDF File
5. Building a PDF in Excel & Other Applications
6. Creating a PDF from a Web Page
7. Creating Links to a Web Page
8. Creating a PDF from Scanner & Clipboard

Exploring Adobe Acrobat Distiller
1. The Adobe PDF Settings
2. Adjusting Image Settings
3. Compressing Grayscale & Monochrome Images
4. Setting a Policy
5. Adjusting Font Settings
6. Color & Advanced Settings
7. Saving Your Adobe PDF Settings
8. Producing a PDF File


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