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Photographer Workshop : Photo Making Training Courses in Brussels

(digital and analog)

The basic idea is to learn in a short time how you can make good/better pictures.
The class is meant for anybody who is interested in learning how to make a good photo. More and more people have a digital camera nowadays. Probably there was never a time in history where more pictures were taken. Still, many people are dissatisfied with the quality of some of their pictures. Other people want to know how they can make pictures in a special situation (fast moving cars; on a boat; in low light; a wedding...). The aim is to teach you the basic tools of good photography. After this course you will be surprised how good your pictures have become!


  • what is the best composition?
  • where do I place my camera?
  • black and white versus color
  • how do I make a nice portrait?
  • how do I shoot the interior of a house/ company?
  • how do I shoot an exterior (garden/ street/ city...)?
  • how to use effects
  • etc...


  • which camera should I use/buy?
  • which lens should I use?
  • analog versus digital photography
  • lenzes: analog versus digital
  • what is the difference between automatic and manual shooting?
  • automatic versus manual focus
  • zoom versus fix lens
  • P (program) versus A (diafragme) versus T (time)
  • the basics of light
  • the best way to measure light (reflecting/ non-reflecting)
  • why are my pictures in the snow too dark?
  • why are my pictures over-exposed (too light)?
  • how to work with selftimer
  • what is ISO/ASA?
  • ISO 100 versus 200/400/800/1600
  • how to work with flash light
  • compact versus reflex camera
  • JPG versus RAW pictures
  • advanced use: slow shutter with flash
  • how to shoot fast moving objects
  • how to make good wedding pictures
  • etc..


  • how to work with your pictures
  • Adobe Photoshop basics
  • how to work with color
  • how to work with contrast
  • how to work with brightness
  • how to work with crop (cutting your picture)
  • how to correct red eyes
  • how to work with all the different effects
  • how to work with layers
  • etc...


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Some clients: Cefora, IBM, Holcim, CBR, Total, Bpost, Cisco, Shape,Colruyt, Telelingua, Nestlé, CPAS Molenbeek, Fabricom, Club Med, NATO, G4S, Fonds de participation, Roularta, Georg Fischer, SGC, STIB, Federal Police, Flemish Government, KBC, Fortis, ING, Tetrapak, Royal Canin, GSK, ULB, Starwood hotels, Jetair, Belgacom, VRT, National Bank of Belgium, Hansgrohe, Buildings Agency, General Electric, Hiscox, Prace, Toyota,...

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Photographer Workshop Brussels



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50% discount for self-employed
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