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Computer training Adobe Premiere

Computer training Adobe Premiere in English, French or Dutch

Premiere Pro Training

  • Taking a Quick run through of Premiere Pro
  • Selecting Settings, Adjusting preferences and Managing Assets
  • Creating Cuts-only videos in Premiere
  • Adding Video Transitions in Premiere
  • Creating Dynamic Titles in Premiere
  • Applying Specialized Editing Tools in Premiere
  • Adding Video Effects in Premiere
  • Putting Clips in Motion in Premiere
  • Acquiring and Editing Video in Premiere
  • Exporting frames, Clips and Sequences in Premiere
  • Authoring DVD’s with Premier Pro and Encore DVD


Premiere courses

The Workspace in Premiere Pro

  • Workspaces in Premiere
  • Working with the Project window in Premiere
  • Importing clips and image files in Premiere
  • Working with the Monitor window in Premiere
  • Working with the Timeline window in Premiere
  • Navigating to a specific frame in the Timeline and Program View
  • Using labels in Premiere
  • Using palettes in Premiere

Sequencing and Basic Real-Time Editing in Premiere

  • The Real-Time editing experience in Premiere
  • Adding clips to the Timeline in Premiere
  • Developing a sequence and using Automate to Sequence in Premiere
  • Using the Automate to Sequence command in Premiere
  • Multiple sequencing in Premiere
  • Viewing the rough cut in Premiere
  • Refining the rough cut in Premiere
  • Pretrimming clips using the Source view in Premiere
  • Fine-tuning in the Timeline in Premiere
  • Exporting the Timeline as a movie in Premiere

Transitions in Premiere

  • About transitions in Premiere
  • The Effects palette in Premiere
  • Inserting a transition in Premiere
  • Previewing the transition in Premiere
  • Pre-trimming a clip and adding a transition in Premiere
  • Adding a transition using the Effects palette in Premiere
  • Changing the attributes of transitions in Premiere
  • Adding multiple transitions at one time in Premiere
  • Transitions used as special effects in Premiere

Fundamentals of Multipoint Editing in Premiere

  • Understanding three-point and four-point editing in Premiere
  • Making a three-point edit in Premiere
  • Linking and unlinking clips in Premiere
  • Handling unsynchronized linked clips in Premiere
  • Closing a gap with the Ripple Delete command in Premiere

Integrating Adobe After Effects

  • Photoshop
  • and Illustrator with Premiere Pro
  • Using effects from other Adobe programs
  • After Effects and Photoshop “inside” Premiere Pro

Titles and Credits in Premiere

  • Creating a simple title in Premiere
  • Using the ellipse tool in Premiere
  • Mapping a textured fill in Premiere
  • Rolling titles and crawling titles in Premiere
  • Using titles in a Premiere Pro project
  • Adding titles to the Timeline in Premiere
  • Using other programs to create titles in Premiere

Audio in Premiere

  • Getting to know the Audio workspace in Premiere
  • Automating the mixing process in Premiere
  • Creating and adjusting audio effects in Premiere
  • Using markers to synchronize clips in Premiere
  • Finishing the movie with audio effects and music in Premiere
  • Multiple audio effects in a clip in Premiere
  • Working with 5.1 audio files in Premiere
  • Exporting the movie as a 5.1 audio file in Premiere


  • To Movie
  • CD-ROM
  • Export to DVD command


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