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Video Production Workshop : Audio-Visual Training Courses in Brussels


The basic idea is to learn in a short time how you can make a good film or video.
The film can be meant for any use (internet, corporate or private use...). You will learn how to edit the film and distribute it on DVD, internet (YouTube/ Vimeo...), Quicktime... The class is meant for making a film or video for any available budget.

The class is custom-made and can be followed individually or in groups. You can work with your own camera or we can provide one.
We have an movable editing unit so we can edit the film on the spot.


  • Corporate: presentation of your company on the internet (film 30” to 5’)
  • Corporate: report of a business meeting
  • Private: filming a party, a BBQ, a nice family film (about the children/ your holiday...)
  • Commercial: present a product in an attractive way

The class is given by a Belgian scriptwriter and filmmaker. His short and feature films won 22 international awards. He will teach you the tools you need to make better films.  The class is made to measure: we provide what you need. You will need different information and knowledge for different films. (For instance: If you want to make a family film, you probably won’t need too much information about how to write a good script.)

Film/video making is a process in 3 periods: pre-production, production, post-production.

(= everything that you have to know and do before shooting):

  • how to choose a good subject
  • how to write a good script (if needed)
  • how to find a good actor; what about ‘normal’ people?
  • how to prepare the shooting: decoration (if needed), useful tips for easy shooting
  • how to choose a good location
  • how to make the ‘decoupage’: the transformation of words into shots
  • how to make a call sheet
  • how to find the money (if needed)

SCRIPT:a very important part of fictional and some documentary films. This is not really needed for registration of parties, meetings etc...

  • how do you write a script (layout, formal demands)
  • what software to use (Final Draft, free software on the net)
  • basics about dramatic objectives and drives
  • how to write for low budgets
  • how to write great dialogues
  • the best means to tell your story: action & dialogue

(the actual shooting)

  • how to organize yourself
  • how to deal with actors
  • how to deal with locations
  • how to deal with moving actors in a space
  • how to deal with the ‘axe’-problem
  • how to shoot images that cut well
  • how to record dialogues that sound great
  • how to choose the best camera angle
  • how to get the best composition
  • how to deal with continuity
  • difference between continuity and non-continuity shooting
  • how and when to make a great close-up
  • how to work with light (with or without extra light)
  • difference between camera’s mini-DV, DV-cam, HD, Hi-8, 8mm, VHS, B-cam, 16 and 35mm-film
  • what is a good camera lens?
  • which lens for which shot?
  • all the different shots: close-up, medium and long shot and all the variations


  • how to edit your movie (Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express; Adobe, Avid...)
  • how to cut in the best way
  • how to work with direct sound
  • how to work with music
  • how to work with sound design (= sound created after the shooting)
  • how to put it onto DVD
  • how to put in onto the web
  • difference between YouTube and Vimeo
  • how to make great titles
  • how to make good rolling credits
  • how to show your film on a big screen


All AV courses:

Some clients: Cefora, IBM, Holcim, CBR, Total, Bpost, Cisco, Shape,Colruyt, Telelingua, Nestlé, CPAS Molenbeek, Fabricom, Club Med, NATO, G4S, Fonds de participation, Roularta, Georg Fischer, SGC, STIB, Federal Police, Flemish Government, KBC, Fortis, ING, Tetrapak, Royal Canin, GSK, ULB, Starwood hotels, Jetair, Belgacom, VRT, National Bank of Belgium, Hansgrohe, Buildings Agency, General Electric, Hiscox, Prace, Toyota,...

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