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Training Course Access

Computer training Microsoft Office Access in English, French or Dutch

Basic Access course: Using an Access Database

  •  Starting with MS Access
  • The different parts of the screen in Access
  • To encode, delete, modify data (via datasheet and autoform)
  • to move within a table in Access
  • Shift columns in Access
  • Filtering in Access
  • Using Find and Go to in Access
  • Starting : usefulness of queries or selections in Access
  • Simple selections in Access
  • Creating a simple report in Access
  • Adapting in Access
  • Printing in Access


Access Intermediate course: Queries in Access

  • Executing simple queries in a table in Access
  • Adding, modifying and deleting data in Access
  • Creating a new table in Access
  • Finding data in Access
  • Sorting data in one or several fields in Access
  • Filtering data in Access
  • Selecting certain information in Access
  • Creating, modifying and executing select queries in Access
  • Selecting, etc ..... in Access
  • Combining selection criteria (AND, OR, NOT) in Access
  • Creating complex functions using integrated functions  in Access
  • Calculations in Access
  • Groups : sum, number, min/max, ... in Access
  • Executing selections based on calculations in Access
  • Cross tab queries in Access
  • to optimise tables based on action queries in Access


Access Advanced: Designing and Creating a Database, Forms & Reports

  • Discovering basic notions (table, field, record) in Access
  • Create a table in Access
  • Add, delete, move a field, select a data type in Access
  • Assign a default value, to formulate a condition, ...
  • Define a primary key, to create an index in Access
  • Link several tables in Access
  • When/why to use several tables ?
  • Define relationships between tables, to modify their characteristiecs, to delete relationships in Access
  • Enforce referential integrity : 1-1 relations, 1-N; update data
  • Insert and modify data in Access
  • Insert and modify data in Access
  • Move within tables in Access
  • Use the wizards when creating a database in Access
  • Assign ‘Security rights’ to users in Access
  • Creating a report using the Report Wizard in Access
  • Sorting and grouping data in Access
  • Making calculations in a report, calculating totals in Access
  • to use and print a report in Access
  • report header/footer, in Access
  • page header/footer, in Access
  • detail in Access
  • Creating a form with the “Form Wizard” in Access
  • Adding specific controls : check boxes, lists, etc... in Access
  • Adding sub forms in Access
  • Using a form in Access
  • Changing the contents and presentation of a form in Access
  • To select, move, modify or remove controls in Access
  • To insert a picture in a form in Access
  • To create a start form in Access

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