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Training Course Powerpoint

Computer training courses Microsoft Office Powerpoint in English, French or Dutch

Powerpoint basic Training

  • Different views to show documents, working environment in Powerpoint
  • Inserting and formating a slide in Powerpoint
  • Basic notes : Master and colour shemes in Powerpoint
  • Recommendations (style, colour, structure, speed, etc.) in Powerpoint
  • Management of files (opening, saving, etc.) in Powerpoint
  • Forms, lines, connectors, lines, etc. in Powerpoint
  • Move and select, cut-paste, etc. in Powerpoint
  • Background, outline, shadow, relief, recopy, blur, etc. in Powerpoint
  • Organigrams, charts, tables, diagrams, etc. in Powerpoint
  • Repeating elements, templates, headers, masters in Powerpoint
  • Printing types and options of printing in Powerpoint


Powerpoint intermediate Training

  • To create and modify masters : date, logo, background, styles, lists, page numbering, ...
  • Use of the MultiMasters tool in Powerpoint
  • To work with lay-out masters in Powerpoint
  • To create and develop templates of company styles with the aid of logos, styles, etc.  ...
  • To put slides from different presentations together in Powerpoint
  • Animation techniques in Powerpoint
  • Multimedia effects in Powerpoint
  • Photo-Album tool in Powerpoint
  • To check the slide transitions, animation timings, sequence, etc.
  • Inserting hyperlinks to your presentation to obtain access to information during the presentation
  • Action buttons (clicking and muis-over function) in Powerpoint
  • Use  of the 'hide slide' function in a new way  in Powerpoint
  • Modified slideshows in Powerpoint
  • To download from the internet (clip-art-gallery-life) in Powerpoint
  • To modify and  use screen shots in Powerpoint
  • Colour schemes for ClipArts in Powerpoint
  • To modify pictures in Powerpoint


Powerpoint advanced Training

  • To modify the most important interface in Powerpoint
  • To modify “PowerPoint Options” in Powerpoint
  • Compatibility problems with earlier versions in Powerpoint
  • Inserting text with Outline in Powerpoint
  • Modifying the layout in Powerpoint
  • Use of a master in Powerpoint
  • Creation of a master in Powerpoint
  • How to apply the new layout in Powerpoint
  • SmartArt in Powerpoint
  • Charts in Powerpoint
  • Pictures  in Powerpoint
  • AutoShapes: work with gradients in Powerpoint
  • Quick deleting of comment and speakers notes in Powerpoint
  • Use of the "Presenter View" in Powerpoint

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