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Training Course VBA

Computer training VBA course in English, French or Dutch

VBA Training

  • Introduction to the VBA Environment
  • VBA Overview & Terminology
  • Event driven programming
  • VBA Programming Environment
  • Creating the User Interface
  • VBA Programming Language
  • Error handling and debugging
  • Working with more advanced controls


Visual Basic for Applications Training

Basic Principles

Guided tour of the Visual Basic environment

General overview of the Visual Basic environment that could use animations and audio to show:

  • Editor in VBA
  • Project explorer in VBA
  • Properties window in VBA
  • Form Layout window in VBA
  • The toolbox in VBA
  • Menu editor in VBA
  • Project files required for a project.

This would begin by showing how to start a Project with a simple Form as an object and running the application. This would expand to show:

  • Properties of the Form object with the properties window in VBA
  • Altering the object properties to suit an application in VBA
  • Changing properties of a form at run time by using a click procedure in VBA
  • Loading graphics onto the Form in VBA
  • Add text using a Label object in VBA
  • Drawing on a Form in VBA
  • Types of Form in VBA
  • The Screen object and scale units, e.g. twips.


Overview of the idea of objects and their properties.

Extend the idea of objects and their properties:

  • How objects work in VBA
  • Controls as objects in VBA
  • Objects supplied in the toolbox in VBA
  • The object browser.

Linking objects:

  • Data controls in VBA
  • Simple database without code in VBA
  • More objects, e.g. text box, PictureBox or Frame.


  • Types of variables in Visual Basic.
  • Dim.


  • How the running application is controlled by events.


Structural Principles.

Structure of a program using:

  • Branching in VBA
  • Loops.

Visual Basic code.

How the basic program structure is implemented using the syntax of Visual Basic.

  • For loop in VBA
  • If-then-else in VBA
  • Simple arithmetic operations.
  • Strings in VBA
  • Index in VBA
  • Arrays in VBA
  • More objects, e.g. ComboBox.


  • Using Visual Basic procedures in VBA
  • Writing procedures in VBA
  • Bas module, scope and where to Dim.

Polishing and Finishing

Look and Feel:

  • How to create an application that looks professional in VBA
  • The Microsoft Interface standards in VBA
  • Timers in VBA
  • How to control event with a timer.

Colour and imaging:

  • Use of graphics and pictures in VBA
  • Graphics on a control in VBA
  • Adding other objects from other applications and files.

Installing the Application

Making an .exe file:

  • How to make product that can be distributed and installed in VBA
  • Making an installation disk.

Links to Office:

  • Visual Basic in Office applications in VBA
  • (if student has resource or else just the concepts)
  • Examples for all applications.


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