“Excellent course, I’ve learned a lot of new things about power point. I would definitely recommend Gui to anyone who would like to learn how to properly use PPT. 5/5 stars. Thank you, Gui!”
Mr Smatko

“Very animated and enjoyable!”
Mrs Leonard

“Great, fun, useful!!”
Mrs Hovhannisyan

“It was very interesting and the presenter made it really fun”
Mrs García Flórez

“The PowerPoint training was really good as it helped us discover new options and showed us all the possibilities we are actually missing on using from the program.”
Mr Smatko

“Comprehensive, interesting, let me to gain a valuable knowledge. Would highly recommend that trainer.”
Mrs Pieczara

“In my personal opinion the course was quite good and complete, however it would  be good to have more detailed practicing and information on certain sections, and as well for the course to be able to adapt to the needs of our type of daily work. The trainer kept the group motivated during the entire sessions which is very important in order not to lose the focus of the group in two full days intensive training.”
Mrs Garcia

“Guy is very friendly and approachable. He was very patient and ethousiastic with his teaching.”
Mrs D’Cruz

“The course was success, the Intermediate level was more useful as the Macro part was a little complicated. The teacher is entertaining and knowledgeable on the topic, therefore there were lot of things learned.”
Mrs Paulovica

“Interesting – Excel contains so many more functions than I normally use.”
Mrs Leonard

“Gui was really fantastic looking forward to see him this year for another training.”
Mr Moore

“Great, the prof explains very well making it easy to understand.”
Mrs Meier

“Very useful to learn the basics about VBA. Clear even if I had no previous experience. Positive experience”
Mr Cotini

“We had a fruitful and interesting training last week and Freddy has been a good trainer!”
Mrs Di Folca

“Very useful and entertaining”
Mr Garrido

“Freddy is a very good teacher, has humor and knows how to explain the topics very clearly. I have been working with Excel for many years, but already in the first 15 minutes I learned a lot. Definitely worth it.”
Mr Botella

“Carlo was wonderful! He’s an incredibly patient and thorough teacher who has many years of experience working professionally. Even though he was teaching us the basics, I always felt he was as excited about teaching as we were about learning. I would definitely recommend his workshops for anybody who’s looking to learn Photoshop and not be too overwhelmed.”
Mrs Trodden

“The course was interesting. We had a good balance between learning the basics with a hands-on approach and using Illustrator for our company needs.”
Mr Anderson

“It was a great training session. Thanks to this training I had the opportunity to learn things that I did not know. It was a really interactive and the trainer adapted the course to our professional needs what was really much appreciated.”
Mrs Hassan

“The trainer was excellent, he was very clear in his explanations. He covered everything we requested and was always happy to answer questions.”
Mrs Cadwallender

“Freddy was very thorough and very clear. He had a good structure to the class based on our requests and was flexible with extra requests and questions. I learnt some very good tips in a professional and also friendly atmosphere.”
Mrs Gates

“The course was hands on, very practical matters, very useful. Only remark for improvement : some hand-out materials with topics covered (besides the book). Thank you!”
Mrs Paulovica

“Very pleasant instructor.  Learned so much in so little time. “
Mrs Gustave

“Very good, not too much information, responsive to questions from students, recommendable!”
Mrs Heinrich

“Great course”
Mrs Minozzi

“Excellent and very informative.”
Mrs Tuohy

“It was very helpful, in particul the focus on all the basic elements. A good quality training”
Mr Gevers Deynoot

“Very helpful, particularly on templates and master slides.”
Mrs Maguire

“Really engaging and enjoyable way to learn more about ppt. Greatly appreciated the added insight on quick hacks and ways to make working in power point easier. The teacher/trainer was great, and presented the content in a fun way that still resonated with the audience.”
Mrs Svilane

“Great starting point to take away the fear factor when I’m working on an Excel driven project.  Now feel much more comfortable manipulating existing tables and creating new ones.  With hindsight it might have been useful to focus less on project specifics and more on the principles of how Excel behaves, but the reality is there was only one day and I need to get across the Congress project very quickly.  So a day very well spent and the training was completely on brief.”
Mrs Lee

“Very informative!”
Mrs Whatmough

“Very helpful on sums and filters and managing data; more time/focus on formulas and functions would have also been good, as I was already aware of the charts creation part.”
Mr Maguire

“Good overview of different basic excel functions. Good length of training. Enthusiastic instructor.  Would have been good to be able to also bring your own excel sheets and tables that you use for work and solve the issues or have questions answered in relation to that. “
Mrs Borg

“Training with Freddy was great. He was extremely patient as we were of very different skill sets. We were not the most organised and some of us had Apple Macs, but he was completely unflappable. The course was excellent. We all learnt a lot.”
Mrs Dechaene

“Comprehensive and intense course, with a lot of information provided in a relatively short time. Enthusiastic and available trainer and lively presentations. Good balance of theory and practice with exercices.”
Mrs Lugano

“I liked the fact that there was a lot of practice and not only theory. The trainer has a lot of energy which gives energy to us as well and makes the course dynamic. I have the impression I have learned a lot of things even if it was only 2 days of training. My overall impression: very positive.”
Mrs Gourdin

“Nice interactive course with sufficent amount of theory and practice which allows one to grasp the essence of the subject. MS Project is a quite complicated software with many details to remember but Hubert managed to keep us focused (including the little fun stories mainly about Mexico). I would definitely recommend Hubert.”
Mrs Olcen

“The course was really comprehensive and informative.  Each day had a lot of information (I am afraid my brain stopped remembering stuff after a while), but this is not really a complaint, because learning more is probably better than learning too little.”
Mrs Kerber

“It was good. Carlo is very professional. It was just almost to much for one day.”
Mrs Adam

“It was useful and I have received a few very valuable tips. The way of teaching is funny in a special way which keeps you very much focussed on the course and you are not able to be distracted easily.”
Mrs Olders

“Even though I am very familiar and fairly advanced in Word it was good to cover topics that I frequently have problems with – better to learn how to solve them properly than find workarounds.”
Mrs O’Hanlon

“Nice trainer which makes a 3,5h training not a boring time Good knowledge of MS Word, very helpful.  I consider myself as a very advanced user but I learned a few new things. Very motivated to help us on problematic issues.  “
Mrs Bogataj-De Coninck

“I highly highly recommend this course! Gui was fantastic. So patient and eager to help whenever anyone had questions, and he was hilarious to boot! I think we were all dreading a dull, monotonous day of endless Excel spreadsheets and formulas–But to our pleasant surprise this was far from the case! We were completely engaged and entertained throughout the entire training, which in turn made for an ideal learning environment. Without a doubt, I walked away from that course with a far better grasp of Excel than I ever expected to have. Two thumbs up!”
Mrs Forsyth

“I am very happy with this course! Examples we took where matching our business and the trainer always with enthusiasm was replying our questions. I really recommend this trainer: you will never fall asleep while he is explaining. Well done! “
Mrs Golos

“It was a very useful course. I will definitely apply the new things learnt in my daily job. The dynamic of the course was very good and the trainer was open to solve all our questions. I truly recommend this course and the trainer! “
Mrs Lain

“The training went really well thanks – Gui is a very calm, patient and intuitive trainer.  Hopefully I’ll do him credit and produce stunningly good powerpoint from now on!”
Mrs Lee

“I loved the course. The step by step approach was great and the way it adapted to our questions and needs too!”
Mr Derom

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and patient which was great especially with the complexity of the subject. Plus he made entertaining with his jokes which I enjoyed”
Mr Deria

“I liked the course, the information was useful for me, explanations were clear. It was useful that Gui also told us some hints not only about macros but about excel in general, it did not take much time for him but can be helpful for me in future. Gui explained everything clearly and patiently, helped individually if somebody from the group had issues with the macros on their laptops. I liked that he is punctual and we started and finished in time. He also speaks at least 3 languages, it was appreciated in our multinational team. I am glad that I took this course.”
Mrs Shumkova

“Very good training”
Mrs Magnani

“Perfect, very clear and helpfull”
Mr Mertens-Goossens

“Good introduction to the VBA Macro environment.”
Mr Cherouati

“In general, we were satisfied with the 2-day course and appreciate Erik’s willingness to help us whenever we come across any future difficulties”
Mrs Daka

“Gui was brilliant! “
Mrs Juszczyk

“Learned some useful tips about formatting in Word. Trainer’s manner and knowledge good. “
Mr Toland

“The course was good. No complaints.”
Mrs Tamosiunaite

“The course taught me a lot! Gui was able to explain everything in a very clear and comprehensive way! I will definitely recommend this to my colleagues. Thank you!”
Mrs Kestermann

“Very good skills from Gui who gave good tricks and shortcuts and made us see PPT with master files and layouts!”
Mrs De Rede

“Good training, to the point and very practical. Plenty of exercises to get a full grasp of the material.”
Mr Anderson

“Good balance of practice vs theory. Know a lot more now.”
Mr Rymkiewicz

“Overall good training.”
Mr Luyckx

“We had two training courses with your company, one on Photoshop and one on InDesign. We liked the tailored and professional approach.”
Mr Anderson

“Carlo was incredible! He was very thorough and made our group comfortable with the technical/basic information of Photoshop and Indesign. He was patient and willing to answer all of our questions and review the more difficult concepts with us. Most importantly, he really helped our group to gain the skills that we need to apply these programs to our work in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way. Thank you, Carlo!”
Mrs Van Staeyen

“The training was very and interesting and helpful. Carlo was quite attentive, patient and flexible. In general, I was very pleased with the course and the trainer and I would recommend it to others.”
Mrs Teixeira

“The course and the trainer were excellent. Matthew explained with patience all the tricky issues, had a good structure in his teaching and the planned exercises were most suitable. I will definitely recommend SuperWebdesign for Joomla! training.”
Mrs Zlotila

“We had a very fruitful and useful day of training.”
Mrs Di Folca

“Participants were really enthusiasm about the training and what they have learned.”
Mrs Glibert

“It was very useful. The teacher paid special attention to everyone and came to see if we are getting on with the tasks. We learned new things, we can use for our work. Thank you!”
Mrs Kerek

“It was really helpful to remind me some functions that I have already forgotten to use and to learn new things that can help me in my work.”
Mrs Marzok Ben Omar

“Very useful and well explained”
Mrs Waschewsky

“The course was very good. Very good trainer, patient and very knowledgeable. The training was balanced and we could work on our customised exercices, while learning very good tricks to help improve our work. “
Mrs Delcea

“Very well given. responded to our needs: went over items we want to discuss, very efficiently. Also had a look at our documents and discussed where some problems were. Also gave many handy tips & tricks, not just for Indesign but also for Photoshop and not just technical, but also design-wise. Very insightful! “
Mr Anderson

“Great balance between theory and practice. Lots of useful tips and tricks. “
Mr Rymkiewicz

“Very useful!”
Mrs Pavanello

“Nice, useful little tricks will come in handy.”
Mr Lein

“10/10 for the Sharepoint trainer.”
Mr Hinnekens

“I found it very useful and interactive.”
Mrs Patuzzi

“I really learned alot from the course in a very short space of time.”
Mrs Keaveney

“For a non-user of Indesign this course was excellent at providing a basic introduction. Onessa was a very competent and helpful trainer who answered any questions with great explanation.”
Mrs Nicholson

“Very good! Thanks a lot – excel is so easy! 😉 “
Mrs Urbancic

“Learned a lot, thanks!”
Mrs O’Leary

“Very insightful and practical course on how to use Excel! Thanks”
Mr Muzi

“Good training course. Learned plenty of good techniques, tools, shorcuts. Practiced quite a lot to put everything in practice. “
Mrs Delcea

“I found that this course was very practical to learn a basic/intermediate Excel function, which I can immediately apply to reporting or analysis of my sales work using Excel on daily basis. “
Mr Hayashi

“The course was really helpfull to fully understand the new functionalities of Excel 2010 and really usefull to improve our job. “
Mr Vartholomaios

“Matthew gave us a detailed insight into the Joomla world. Quite technical, but very interesting. “
Mrs Brauer

“The trainer delivered a good training. Good Job!”
Mr Van Leeuwen

“The instructor answers questions well even if it was a question that was about something more advanced than the training.”
Mrs Arduini

“He managed to make me chose that CMS as his work and explanations make me like Drupal.”
Mr Delmas

“The course was very clear. The teacher was pleasant and explains very clearly the course. Particularly the exercises were very didactic. Tim anticipates and adapts the training to our needs. I’m looking forward to follow other courses with Tim / superwebdesign. “
Mr Vergeynst

“It was very good! Intelligible & comprehensive. I’m sure that the skills I’ve learned today will make my (Powerpoint related) life much easier in the future. Thanks! “
Mrs Bergrath

“The course was very helpful in learning advanced functions in Access. The theory and practice was well balanced and gained more expertise in creating database relationships, using queries, forms, reports and advanced formulas. The trainer explained really well and with patience all the functions of Access and he was willing to answer any data or Access related questions.
Mrs Nita

“10/10. Excellent java course.”
Mr Massimo

“10/10. The java training was excellent.”
Mr Dautrebande

“It was excellent. The trainer did a great job and I learned so much!! “
Mr Gindin

Mrs Svobodova

“Professional, relaxed atmosphere, new material introduced in an attractive way; all kind of questions allowed and answered.”
Mrs Tarlowska

“Very convinient”
Mr Fernandez

“Very good, being a small group the trainer was capable of adapting to the differing levels of Excel. I had not done much training before but I learned a lot and have the tools to start using Excel much more efficiently than before.”
Mr Brune

“Very practical & dynamic. Really comprehensive and useful. I will help the office dynamics very much. Very easy going and close at all moments.”
Mr Arnott

“The course was very useful and helpful. Good and thought-through programme. Perhaps it would be better to request an inside Excel document in order to develop excercises as close as possible to the field of work, but all in all it was a good course.”
Mrs Kazimierczuk

“Carlo was a very personable and experienced trainer, responsive to questions, and clearly knew his material inside and out. I feel like I received a thorough basic understanding of the programme and can’t wait to get started creating my own documents. I would highly recommend this training to other new users of InDesign.”
Mrs Cook

“GREAT! After having had this class, I can work now at an all new level with Indesign. I save time, nerves and can create better and more professional documents. It was such a great experience to see all the options that I have with Indesign. “
Mrs Lange

“The training was really great. François is an excellent trainer ! Thank you !”
Mrs Berniquet

“The course is good. And the trainer is reponsible and the material is organized. I am satisfied with the course.”
Mr Chen

“Great and super useful course – we learned a lot in a fun and friendly manner. Our trainer was great! I am now looking forward to my next course in the nearer future.”
Mrs Sitnikova

“Erik was a great trainer who was very patient and explained Final Cut Express in detail. I learned various editing techniques that I’ve already put into practice. Thanks for the help! “
Mrs Halls

“We will call upon your services again.”
Mrs Bedrossian

“Once again I was very happy with the course. We were able to come up with good solutions to the issues I needed to be solved. Gui is an excellent instructor and I would definetely recommend him to others.”
Mrs Falch

“I thought the course was very well presented and both trainers were able to explain the content in an easy to understand way. We were able set the pace and we did not feel rushed if we had questions which is always good when there is a mixed level in the group. Overall, it was one of the best trainings I’ve had!”
Mrs Kerrigan

“Very interesting and well done training. Perfect. Thanks”
Mrs Miege

“Very well structured. I apreciate that you adapted the content of the course to our wishes to have more on excel for example. Both trainers were very sympathic with a good attidute all the time. Explanations were done very well so that we all understood. They were open to our different random questions and requests which I appreciated very much.”
Mrs Bekier Djerf

“Interesting course. Valuable updates on where to find the relevant tools on Office 2010 in order to not lose time; for instance it will allow me to be more effective while compiling data on excel and quicker while formatting a word document. Thank you!”
Mrs des Mesnards

“The training was really good, accurate and practical. We learnt about new options in the programme and discovered how important the proper formating of the word documents is, before converting them into pdf. Good job :)”
Mrs Nowak

“I really liked Sunny. He was very available and pedagogical! Thank you! “
Mrs Lenain

“Very useful, pleasant instructor, hands on, relevant. “
Mrs Westerby

“The course was useful, interactive and the trainer made the session fun to follow.”
Mrs Osnes

“Well conducted course. Thanks.”
Mr Minarik

“Sunny had a good idea of what he needed and prepared documents accordingly, felt there was good preparation… Very patient trainer and attentive to questions and doubts and we had many! Thanks for the useful training day.”
Mrs Di Folca

“It was very well done and the course was given with a lot of enthusiasm. Well done and Thanks!”
Mr Mobasser

“Thank you very much! Extremely helpful, Excel more than PPT, but only because our level was higher than we realized. Fun trainer made it enjoyable.”
Mrs Schroh

“It was really good. Interesting news on Excel (although I am quite of expert on that) it really made a difference. On powerpoint, i was already aware of many topics we have covered, but it was also interesting. Gui was really friendly and that helped a lot, when you have to face this rather boring stuff… but he was also very professional and i am very happy we had him, great job done Gui! “
Mr Mignani

“Good explanation of basic Illustrator tools. I have now a good first idea what to do with Illustrator. Sympa tutor. Thanks.”
Mrs Hertling

“Very well thought, well given, really appreciated the practical hand-on course.”
Mr Imandt

Mr Sáenz de Valdoseras Mohedano

“It was a really cool and interesting course!”
Mr Amaral

“Very useful. Trainer has a very good knowledge about what he is teaching.”
Mr Boukamher

“Good explanations. Many exercises. Good knowledge by trainer.”
Mr Gharbharan

“I think that the course was excellent! I learned a lot of useful information from Carlo. I think that he is very good at training! Thank you! “
Mr Gallasch

“Very good, well explained, all questions answered.”
Mrs Schlinnertz

“This was exactly what I was looking for when I requested Powerpoint training. I learnt how to better use the tool and what are the tips and tricks to improve my daily use. Comfortable and approachable trainer.”
Mrs Aerden

“Very interesting and well presented. I have learned a lot of new function that will allow me to make presentations.”
Mrs de Lamalle

“10 of 10. Excellent explanation, positive approach, enthusiastic and user friendly. I was very much satisfied. Highly appreciated.Thanks!”
Mrs Orieskova

“I thought it was an excellent course. The instructor was structured, he explained difficult topics well and with a sense humor. It is the best excel course I have had so far.”
Mr Falch

“Really enjoyed this training: I learned a lot, the time flew by, and the trainer was both extremely knowledgable, and entertaining as well. Many thanks!”
Mrs Harwit

“A great course! Especially nice with a very small group. Entertaining course holder. Would be very happy to have a follow-up course. “
Mrs Varden

“It was very good, the trainer was helpful and quickly answered any questions I had. Overall I am confident in my knowledge of InDesign after the course. “
Mr Batrin

“Excellent explanations and set up of the course by the trainer. Good step by step approach and Carlos take his time to solve individual problems. “
Mrs Fikar

“Very useful and clear; explanations about pivot tables particularly interesting for my work; MANY THANKS!!!”
Mrs Van Soetendael

“The presentation was very clear and practice oriented. I very much appreciated the course”
Mrs Weinspach

“The Indesign training was a big success thanks to our trainer Carlo who managed to combine theory with practice and thanks to whom I learnt how to use Indesign programme. I was a complete beginner and after 6 hours of training I was able to use the basic functions of this programme and understand its interface. I will look forward to the next Indesign training so as to learn even more about this useful programme.”
Mrs Pucikova

“Good and useful and entertaining.”
Mrs Varden

“Very useful overall, especially relevant the parts on MS Word, Excel and Outlook where I learned new useful features of the software.”
Mrs Kozhaeva

“Good course with nice tips on how to better use windows. Good to have exercices ‘hands on’ .”
Mrs Van

“The training was good: the trainer did a good and clear presentation, there were useful exercises, and valuable materials were given.”
Mrs Cernilogar

“The course was very good and interesting. Even though it was only a 2 day training, I feel I got a good understanding of InDesign.”
Mrs Magalhaes

“The Linux Administration course was really great. Paul was able to answer 99% of all the questions I asked. He really is knowledgeable in the field of I.T. The course itself I think was ambitious in that we tried to cover too much information in too short an amount of time; but this is my fault because I wanted to get as much as possible out of it. He has excellent teaching materials that I still have access to, so I will be able to continue my training even afterwards in my free time.”
Mr Bickley

“Very useful with a clear structure and good documentation, as well as a patient trainer.”
Mrs Ruhland

“Very very interesting course, the teaching style was not boring at all. Well done Francisco, thank you!”
Mr Ceolin

“Very interesting training course done in a professional and in an easy way to follow it. The trainer did his best to make technical issues to be understood by everybody, I just hope to be able to put into practice what I learned today.”
Mrs Cannarsa

“This was a very good course indeed. We had fun and learned such a lot about powerpoint. Gui put us at ease from the first few minutes and I liked his approach – creating the slide show about powerpoint. I can’t wait to try out all these options, excellent:)”
Mrs Campbell

“Quite formative as positioned at appropriate level for me according to my use of WORD. Help me to realize how much more I can use WORD”
Mr de Borchgrave

“Quite formative as positioned at appropriate level for me according to my use of WORD. Help me to realize how much more I can use WORD”
Mr de Borchgrave

“It’s the first time that I have attended an Excel course  where I have understood the functionalities and managed to do all the exercises. It was professionally held in a nice friendly atmosphere. I like the fact that we were given material and exercises to do at home and that we can go back for some more targeted assistance. I look forward to the other trainings and would definitely recommend Super Webdesign to other companies.”
Mrs Camarsa

“This course could have been delivered as an e-learning or video, but the effect and knowledge gain would never have been as well as a course received from a trainer. It’s much better (and effective) to receive training from a trainer in a classroom. “
Mr Mattelaer

“I’m satisfied”
Mr Ramaekers

“The course has definitely met my expectations. It was excellent from every point of view. Sunny is a great teacher indeed. The lesson was presented in a very professional way and the ambience was very friendly. There was enough space for our questions as well that Sunny managed to answer without problems. Thanks to his explanations and execises, I could familiarize myself with the subject properly. “
Mrs Pucikova

“The course was very useful and well explained. We could follow easily and everything was explained with examples and exercises. The course material is is well written and easy to follow. “
Mrs Waschewsky

“Considering the fact that I was a total beginner I was able to follow the explanations very easily and I learned many things that will probably use in the future. The exercises were very entertaining and our teacher was able to keep us interested by interacting with us, so it was a 2-way learning system.”
Mrs Marian

“Very positive. Very good adapted to the level of the group.”
Mr Fortun

“Clear presentation, training carried out in a  friendly manner. Thank you”
Mrs Mielech

“Very interesting, effective and well explained”
Mrs Pietropaolo

“Excellent course – thoroughly enjoyable and informative. The trainer was first-rate. Very approachable, knowledgeable and also very humorous which meant that the three hours flew by! Thank you!”
Mrs Johnston

“Very well explained, interesting and funny trainer, got well into the concepts of basic excel and got a few good tips.”
Mrs Westerby

“Great fun and very easy to learn. Good instructor.”
Mr Sigurgeirsdottir

“Great trainer, very engaging. The 3 hours went by very fast.”
Mr Cassavetti

“Very useful! Good atmosphere Not too fast”
Mrs Borgvad

“Trainer is good, funny and pedagogic”
Mrs Stoll

“Excellent and well organised way for beginners to break the ice.”
Mr Vestmann

“Very well presented – no overwhelming technical detail, but presenting little tricks and challenges to keep the tarinees interested. Pitched at the right level.”
Mr Krzeczunowicz

“I learned a lot of short cuts that can help me work quickly with Excel”
Mrs Amoah

“Very helpful”
Mrs Schmidt-Hieber

“The one-on-one training was extremely helpful as it allowed us to tailor the training to my needs and questions.  Tim’s explanations always lead to additional questions and explanations, and we had the flexibility to answer them as they came up rather than having to stick to a pre-set syllabus.”
Mrs Tylke

“Excellent course, very professional and interesting. Would recommend it to others.”
Mr Rowe

“The HTML & CSS course was really well structured, well explained, Matthew gave us the time to understand whenever we needed it. Good combination of theoretical and practical parts.”
Mr Becker

“One of the best courses I’ve ever had.  Matthew is extremely clear, complete, patient & masters the knowledge very much.  the perfect balance between theory & practice.  I’m really happy !”
Mrs Berniquet

“Excellent course. Very well adapted to our needs.  Patient and helpful trainer. I really enjoyed both days.”
Mrs Smith

“The course (Final Cut) was useful eventhough the programme I will use is Corel Video Studio. In respect to the contents, the trainer did adapt and look for ways to cover all the important aspects. He even checked the programme we use to find the parallels we the one he trained me in.”
Mrs Kreksch

“Very good and easy to follow course. The trainer was attentive to the audience, replied to our questions quickly and provided a structured course.”
Mrs Guerra Dos Santos

“Very interesting, clear explanations”
Mrs Willacy

“Good basic theory given with samples to explain everything in detail. Very active course, asking lots of concentration, trainer always helping and explaining if something went wrong in the excercises and let us search ourselves partly for the good solution by giving hints. He also explained shortly how we could call from VBA sql statement which is linked to another training VBA. It was a three day intensive course. I am very satisfied.”
Mr Van Ishoven

“Very illustration training with good examples. The trainer did a very fine job in teaching the most usefuld topics in a course that holds a huge area. The outcome of the course was great and I got a lot out of it.”
Mr Sorensen

“David is really exceptional.Very organised and well structured. Helped us understand everything.
Highly recommended.”

Mr Karagkiaouris

“Very interesting. Straight to-the-point. Thank you.”
Mr Zaidman

“Everything is OK”
Mr Romignon

“Very good to familiarize with this new version of PPT (how to find the buttons we are used to in PPT 2003). Clear explanations about the new “layout-logic” of this PPT 2007.Interesting explanations about the “master”. Personnally, I’ve never heard about it, so I found this part very interesting”
Mme Steffens

“I received an excellent training on all topics that I had selected and communicated to your company in advance.
I consider the idea of “learning-by-doing” and writing/preparing a document on the spot out of the contents of the training very excellent. In addition, the trainer did an excellent job. He is not only very well experienced in the contents but also able to present the topics to be learned in a perfect didactic way. In total, I had a very good experience with the service presented by this trainer. I would certainly recommend your company to other colleagues. As I will leave my current employer soon, you may try to promote your pc trainings to my new colleagues who – so far – did not make use of your service. Thank you once more for your good service, communication and flexibility regarding individual offers.”

Mrs Lohmeier

“The training provided was very good and I learnt new things.  I would suggest the training to other colleagues and would like to attend other training sessions, especially in Excel, Word, Access and Sharepoint”
Mrs Baptista

“Excellent. Very usefull and in such a short time to teach and enable me to create accdb based tools.”
Mrs Moulin

“Very clearly explained and well-instructed. An overall positive experience that I would definitely recommend to others as well. Thank you! “
Mrs Theocharous

“Very interesting and useful course, pleasant trainer who did a good job by explaining the difficulties of the program in an easy and not boring way..”
Mrs Della Monica

“Very good teacher and very interesting course. “
Mr Depouille

“Thank you for this course, it was very informative, interesting and enjoyable.  The trainer made learning it very easy.  I felt the course covered all my requirements.”
Mrs Clancy

“I was satisfied on the content of the course and the trainer was very well prepared.”
Mrs Sacco

“The training was nice and gave new ideas on the effective use of the new features. Thanks – pretty helpful!”
Mrs Nissen

“Excellent !!!”
Mr Van Mele

“Good training, customized to our needs, Luc took time to explain in details.”
Mrs Cazelle

“The Photoshop course was well structured,explained most tools and their best usage. The mixture between theoretical parts and practical parts was good.”
Mr Becker

“I enjoyed the training a lot as it allowed me to see the further potential of excel and give me the confidence to start using them straight away.  I also got a very good introduction to usage of macro’s and can now start using them.  “
Mr Myles

“I have worked with Superwebdesign for many in-house trainings Excel: 2003 – 2007, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Our participants have learned hundreds of tips & tricks. They are very well organized and very client oriented. I recommend this organisation!”
Mrs Köhne

“Very clear and helpful course. Gui tailored the information to exactly what I needed and even made it fun. Many thanks. Will certainly consider Super Webdesign for future courses.”
Mrs Watkins

“This was our first time using SuperWebDesign training so we were hesistant and yet excited at the lessons to come. When we finally met Erik, we knew right away that he would be a great teacher. He has a deep knowledge of not only the software he was teaching us to use, but of the whole movie industry and its various fields as well.
Over the course of 4 sessions, we learned to shoot and record “rushes”, import them into Final Cut Pro, edit the sequences and finally apply music, sound effects and visual effects. Erik’s knowledge of feature film shooting was a bonus and his insider tips were highly appreciated. I played our “movie” and made a presentation on what we had learned to the whole company and everyone was very excited to see our new skills.”

Mr Bickley

“Very good! Learnt a great deal. Good teaching. Difficult material brought in a simple matter.”
Mr Roskam

“A tight programme for only three days but Matthew managed to make it both interesting and relevant. Well done.”
Mr Sorensen

“Great course. Learnt to solve some very specific problems I always encounter with Word documents…Thanks a lot.”
Mrs Dominguez

” I am very satisfied with my Final Cut Pro Tutorials.  Eric is a very good teacher explaining things in a simple, clear and logical manner. I feel I have made a great deal of progress and I very happy to be doing the lessons.  Thank-you very much for a super service.”
Mrs Mills

“Thanks for the business cards. They look great.”
Mr Walsh

“Great! I am very satisfied with the course. “
Mrs Durán

“I really enjoyed the course: I got a good global picture and learnt a huge amount of very useful things, all in a very nice atmosphere. Thank you! “
Mrs Virgilio

“The course was well done, good speed, good exlanation, good examples, enough time for questions. “
Mrs Mueller

“Good teacher, highly motivated. He has the skill to explain details without losing the big picture.”
Mr Lam

“The trainer is a good instructor, and is able to focus on the most important concepts. He is also very patient. With this course, the most important part of c++ could be mastered. At the same time, language details were introduced to a good level. Overall, it is a good course.”
Mr Chen

“Excellent course, well-prepared, elaborated and presented. As they say in German: ‘Gerne Wieder’ 🙂 10/10. Thanks a lot and until next time!”
Mr Denturck

“Both courses were excellantly prepared and well explained.  We had plenty of opportunity to ask questions, learn new tips and understand the course content. We were also very happy with our teacher, he was pleasant, patient and made the subject interesting. “
Mrs Kerrigan

“An excellent and very enjoyable course. Well structured, and interesting topics. Friendly and informal, and covering all subjects in depth. Good use of examples and practical work, and useful discussion of related material not on the syllabus. I learnt a lot! “
Mr Desmond

“Thank you, Tim, for a very informative and interactive course. I found it very useful, with many practical tips.”
Mrs Coroama

“The course was extremely useful to me, as I learnt changes between Word 2003 and 2007, as well as things I never knew, even with 2003. Tim was really clear, interesting and open to our questions. Overall a very useful, well delivered training!”
Mrs Van Vaerenbergh

“The course went really well. It was very useful.”
Mr Viedma

“Good content, 2 interesting days.”
Mr Ghysen

“Great course, Very informative with a good knowledgeable tutor.”
Mr Thomas

“The Excel training went well with Renée! The Pivot tables training went very well and is very useful!”
Mrs Rollet

“Powerpoint was a great course!”
Mrs Carre

“The courses were very clear and interesting. The trainers answered all the questions we had and showed us some tips and tricks we didn´t know before.”
Mrs Tomic

“A great afternoon! Tim had a lot of patience and explained things clearly. The exercises at the end challenged me in a good thing! A very useful experience.”
Mrs Stroehlein

“I was very satisfied with the course. Beyond the pure introduction into the programme, I had specific goals what I wanted to learn, what abilities I should gain from the course. I am pretty confident that this goal was reached.. If there is need for another course I will book with SuperWebdesign again.”
Mr Lange

“All our employees have been very pleased with the training that took place in our offices in 2009. The overall quality was of a very good standard. Please pass on my thanks to the teachers, especially David and Matthew.”
Mrs Jaftha

“Dear Tim, Thank you for the quality of those computer courses.”
Mrs Chiantalassa

“Hi Tim, We had a very good training, thanks. David was addressing all the concerns we had and he faced the thousand questions we were raising every 5 minutes! “
Mrs Di Vozzo

“Tim is a very reliable, expert IT-consultant. He manages to sort out problems and to find adequate solutions.”
Mr Frimout

“Tim has delivered a number of IT courses for us. Participants were enchanted by this very energetic trainer who so visibly enjoys transmitting his knowledge.”
Mr Lion

“I’ve hired Tim to design end create my website. With a great feeling he understood the purpose and message I wanted to give to future clients. It was (is) a great pleasure working with him.”
Mr Vanhalst

“Tim is a very polyvalent trainer with outstanding language skills, assuring quality training in quite different settings and for a wide range of audiences.”
Mrs Valbracht

“Tim is a great software trainer with at the same time a very good contact with the students and a very thorough knowledge of a vast range of software topics.”
Mr Pintelon

“Tim is a person you can count on within his profssional environment. He his for 100% taking care of tasks you are giving him and his main motive is “servicing the customer” in the right and most professional way.”
Mr Demol

“Blessed with excellent communications & people skills, Tim is a very versatile person with a natural talent for managing, training and guiding people. Thank you Tim for being a great colleague & friend.”
Mr Polleunis