Excel Training


 Basic Excel Training

  • To discover the working environment and the basic options of a worksheet in Excel
  • Office Assistant in Excel
  • For 2007 : work with the new environment : ex. “ribbons” and the Office button instead of toolbars in Excel
  • To type, change, correct data; to create, open, save and print a file in Excel
  • To move and copy data in Excel
  • Use of AutoSum function, to create formulas manually,  to use the wizard to create simple functions
  • Layout of a text : bold, underlined, font, font size, etc. …
  • Layout of numbers (autodate, ‘EUR’,…), alignment, borders and shading in Excel
  • Protecting cells in Excel
  • To change margins, to define paper size and page orientation, to insert headers and footers, to insert page numbering, to choose page ends

Excel Intermediate Training

Working with Charts in Excel

  • Create a chart with the aid of the Chart Wizard
  • Format text; colours, and line weight in a chart in Excel
  • Modify the scale of the axis; add titles and legend; add free text and graphical elements; change chart type 3D charts.
  • change chart type; 3D charts in Excel
  • Add or modify data range; create combined charts in Excel
  • Import external graphical objects into a chart in Excel
  • Export a chart to Word or Powerpoint in Excel
  • Create a dynamic Pivot table in Excel

Managing and analyzing Data in Excel

  • Basic database concepts in Excel
  • To create and modify a list of data in Excel
  • Sorting data in Excel
  • Filtering data with the ‘Autofilter’ or the ‘Advanced Filter’ (or based on the colours in Excel 2007)
  • Validating data in Excel
  • Remove duplicates (in Excel 2007)
  • Calculating subtotals in Excel
  • Creating Pivot tables : Pivot table report and Pivot Chart

Functions & Formulas in Excel

  • Where do you find a formula ? Basic functions and function wizard (+ Function Library in Excel 2007). Verification and correction of formulas in Excel
  • To understand selection principles from the basic functions : Sum – Average – Min – Max in Excel
  • To create a logical function with IF) in Excel
  • New IF functions in Excel 2007 (averageif, iferror, etc…)
  • To create a formula with data from different sheets (calculations in 3 dimensions) in Excel
  • Searching data in a database (Lookups) in Excel
  • Using time functions in a calculation (Today, Now,…) in Excel
  • Overview of the other functions : text, information, financial, mathematical in Excel
  • Creating a comparison with an unknown element
  • Creating tables based on a function or a formula
  • Creating different versions of a table : the scenarios

Excel Expert Training

  • Working with sheets in Excel
  • Working on different windows in Excel
  • Navigating in a worksheet in Excel
  • To save and use Excel templates
  • To work with Fill handle, format painter and their smart tags
  • To format cells with Styles (and Themes in Office 2007)
  • Conditional format of cells (very extended in 2007)
  • To name a range of cells to get access to them or to use them in a calculation in Excel
  • To create rules to fill cells in Excel
  • To make a chart starting from a table in Excel
  • To obtain information from a table to present them, filtering, Pivot tables, MS Query possibilities
  • To import data in Excel
  • To create a form in Excel
  • To share documents in Excel
  • Introduction to macros in Excel

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