Microsoft Office Training

The Office interface

  • New interface: File tab (Backstage View), Ribbon, On Demand Tabs, Quick Access toolbar
  • The improved status bar in Office
  • Live examples and galleries in Office
  • Improved objects: Photos, Drawing objects, Tables, SmartArt
  • Screenshot tool in Office
  • Paste Preview
  • Better photo correction
  • Themes in Office
  • Changing the ribbon in Office
  • Finding old options in the new interface in Office

New features in Word

  • Contextual spelling checker in Word
  • Quick Styles in Word
  • Navigation Pane in Word
  • Inserting professional-looking objects: Cover page, Instant headers and footers, Page numbering, Watermarks, new Print Preview
  • Quick Parts in Word

New features in Excel

  • Bigger work sheets in Excel
  • The ‘new sheet’ tab in Excel
  • Improved print options: new Page Layout View, Headers and Footers in Excel
  • Using tables: Galleries, Field names, Styles, Filter, Sorting by colour, Clearing duplicates, Automatically freeze panes in Excel
  • Inserting formulas: Category books, Name Manager, New functions in Excel
  • Improved Conditional Formating: Data Bars, Colour Scales, Icons
  • New chart options in Excel
  • Spark lines in Excel
  • Demo: new interface for Pivot Tables + Slicer tool in Excel

New features in PowerPoint

  • Multi-Master (and second level masters) in Powerpoint
  • New Slide Layouts and create your own slide layouts in Powerpoint
  • Working with sections in Powerpoint
  • Converting a bullet list to SmartArt in Powerpoint
  • The selection panel in Powerpoint
  • New animations and slide transitions in Powerpoint
  • Video editing in Powerpoint

New features in Outlook

  • New Mail options: Instant Search, Attachment Preview, Colour categories, Grouping conversations, Quick Steps in Outlook
  • Mail integration with tasks in Outlook
  • New Calendar options: Overlay mode for shared calendars, Send Calendar Snapshots, easier to share calendars in Outlook
  • Contacts: Using Electronic business cards, suggested contacts in Outlook
  • Connecting Outlook to Social Media networks

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