Outlook Training


Outlook basic Training

  • The interface (for Outlook 2007: Central Information Management) in Outlook
  • (De-)activation of different parts of the mailbox in Outlook
  • To send, receive, answer and forward messages in Outlook
  • To select the address of the correspondent in Outlook
  • To format  the text of the message in Outlook
  • To save the draft message in Outlook
  • Creating an attachment, types in Outlook
  • Manipulating attachments : reading, saving, deleting
  • Create folders,copy and move messages in Outlook
  • Creating and modifying contacts in Outlook
  • Creating and using a distribution list in Outlook

Outlook intermediate Training

  • Integration of the mailbox and the electronic Calendar, principles
  • To plan meetings (creation, management of the calendar, of the availability, of the details) and the management (view, move, delete, a. o.)
  • To plan and organise meetings (availability, reservations, invitations and answers, follow up, annulations, actualisation)
  • Definition of some tasks, of their follow up and their assignment to the concerned persons. Management of your own list of tasks.
  • Personalisation of the working environment (calendar, labels, free days, properties – options, views)
  • Sharing the calendar by assigning access, consulting calendar of others. In Outlook 2007 also the use of iCalendar and forwarding Calendar snapshots.
  • Optimal printing of calendars, the task lists of the appointments

Outlook Advanced Training

  • Personal files and managing simple files in Outlook
  • Personalisation of the working environment : to customise toolbars in Outlook
  • Use of templates, signatures, autotext and quick parts (in 2007) to send e-mails more efficiently in Outlook
  • The best way to get control on incoming e-mail in Outlook
  • To manage your e-mails using search files and (in 2007) using the de To-do bar
  • To manage E-mails automatically using Rules
  • Creating new views to manage new e-mails more efficiently
  • How to plan appointments and meetings more efficiently :
  • To work with categories (and labels untill version 2003) in Outlook
  • Use of views to find appointments  in Outlook
  • Creating contacts in a quick way in Outlook
  • Various applications of working with contacts in Outlook
  • Managing contacts more efficiently in Outlook
  • Quick creation of tasks in Outlook
  • Quick and efficient management of tasks in Outlook
  • Managing and deleting old e-mails and meetings in a quick way

Time Management with Outlook

  • How to work with Outlook today : use and settings in Outlook
  • Setting of calendar in Outlook
  • To work with several agendas in Outlook
  • To share calendars and to make appointments using shared agendas in Outlook
  • To create and use a group calendar in Outlook
  • To manage incoming mails/invitations (flags, categories)
  • Using reminders, repetitions in Outlook
  • Creating tasks based on entering mails in Outlook
  • Assigning tasks : principles and use in Outlook
  • Managing the follow up of tasks in Outlook

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